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Submission Guidelines

The first step to getting published is finding a literary agent. The first step to finding a literary agent is submitting a query to one. In its most basic form, a query is a one-page description of your work and a brief biography of yourself.

Each agent at JVNLA has her own particular tastes and interests. Consequently, you will need to read our agents' submission guidelines carefully and choose the agent that you believe is the best fit for you and your project. After that, fill out our basic query form and you will be on your way to representation!

Please note that we no longer accept queries through regular mail. All queries should come through this form. Due to the volume of email we receive, we typically only respond to queries we would like to see more of. Because of time constraints, we cannot reply to requests for reasons on a pass. Please also note that Jean Naggar is no longer accepting new clients.

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  • Jennifer Weltz
  • Alice Tasman
  • Ariana Philips
  • Alicia Brooks
  • Cole Hildebrand

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Jennifer's Guidelines

Jennifer is not accepting submissions at this time. Please refer back at a later date, or submit to another agent that you feel would be a good fit for your work.

As President of JVNLA, Jennifer Weltz has sold books domestically, internationally, and for film for over two decades. Coming from a mediation background, Jennifer sees herself as a liaison between her author and the editor and publishing house that acquire her author’s work. This role takes on a myriad of forms — business manager, confidant, task master, preliminary editor, and matchmaker — to name a few. Since Jennifer takes up an author’s career and not just a project, she is very careful and selective about signing on new authors. Jennifer Weltz is the president of the AALA.

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Alice's Guidelines

Alice Tasman's focus is literary and commercial fiction, and she is always on the lookout for debut writers. She is especially interested in novels-whether adult, young adult, or middle grade-that combine excellent writing, voice, and characters with a great plot. She is also drawn to smart, off-beat non-fiction, particularly works of narrative non-fiction on biography, music, or pop-culture.

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Ariana's Guidelines

Ariana is seeking fiction and nonfiction for all age groups.

In adult fiction, she is interested in literary and commercial fiction, particularly upmarket women's fiction, family sagas, stories with unique family dynamics, and historical hooks. She is drawn to gritty stories that have a strong authentic voice, a well-crafted plot, and carefully developed characters. She's also seeking smart romantic comedies, both for the adult and YA markets.

In nonfiction, she is interested in a wide range of narrative and prescriptive nonfiction with a strong platform. Specifically, she's on the hunt for pop culture, popular history and science, lifestyle, travel, humor, illustrated gift books, true crime, sports, social issues, and literary memoirs. She is also interested in cookbooks, food narratives, and culinary histories from around the world. She loves to find new talent and work with her clients to develop strong proposals.

In the YA category, she is interested in contemporary books with a strong hook and voice. She wants stories that will make her cry and laugh-sometimes at the same time. In middle grade, she is looking for mysteries, adventures, and magic. Ariana is also interested in working with illustrators and author-illustrators.

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Alicia's Guidelines

Alicia Brooks' focus is memoir, narrative nonfiction, self-help, pop culture, literary fiction, and commercial fiction. She is especially interested in original voices and unique concepts. As a book editor most recently at Picador/St. Martin's Press, she edited Nega Mezlekia, Duff Brenna, Brad Barkley, Noelle Howey, Ben Brantley, Richard Selzer, and Jaclyn Moriarty, which demonstrates the variety of her tastes.

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Cole's Guidelines

Cole is seeking adult literary fiction, narrative non-fiction, and poetry, with a commitment to centering queer voices.

In fiction, he is looking for contemporary literary and experimental work, and is open to novels that blur genre elements in surprising or unconventional ways. He is drawn character and voice driven stories that play with form and narrative structure, written with stylistically distinctive prose and evocative imagery.

In non-fiction, he is drawn to narrative and/or investigative work that blends personal, cultural, political, and historical threads--books that engage with radical thought, queer history, art, pop culture, environmental studies, and mental health. He is also interested in memoirs with experimental narrative and formal structures, and well-researched accounts of understudied historical periods or movements.

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Jean's Guidelines

Jean is not accepting submissions at this time. Please refer back at a later date, or submit to another agent that you feel would be a good fit for your work.

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